Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

On A Grey Day, A Great Find

It was the weekend and the day was just so northern grey, not typical for sunny Florida and my mood matched the weather. Had a thought to go to the local Goodwill because that always makes me happy. I get there and it's early grey afternoon and the parking lot is jammed with cars resulting in my having to circle around 3 times to find a space. All these people and just so much stuff to go around, I wondered if I would get a great deal?

I always go to the housewares department and this time was no different. So I stroll over to the dish section and sitting in plain site are these 2 dishes that are so beautiful and I know without picking them up to see the price that they were  going home with me. It was..... love at first site.  Flip them over and my mouth drops open when I see the ridiculous low price.  Into the cart they went.

That's the thing with Goodwill some of their items are priced way too high for people like me who want to resell, but not all of their items are that way.  I can always find a treasure at a great price at each and every visit even when it's jammed packed with people. Goodwill is my favorite thrift store.

So what do you think? Too pretty to be used as a dinner plate, don't you agree. I think it would look fantastic on a mantel or even a buffet table.  I supplied the plate easel that I purchased with a 40% off coupon at Joann's.

I left the store no longer noticing the greyness of the day, and my mood had totally done an about face all because of this great find.

I'll be selling these dishes at my first show.
Friday, September 23, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

A few of my favorite things that stir my creativity.

Assorted fabrics

Fabric, I can spend hours in a fabric store, thinking, dreaming, planning on what they could be, because they could be anything they want to be. Like a shirt, a quilt, a dress, a tablecloth, window treatments, duvet cover, etc. It's fun and the fabric stirs my creativity and I love that.

Paints I'm using at the moment
Paint, I love to paint especially with a brush, I'm not a spray paint type of person. I love the rhythm of painting with a brush, it's calming and relaxing. I love colors and the ability of using two to three different colors  and making something that's new look old, love that.

Notebooks filled with my writing
Notebooks, I can have dozen of blank notebooks and still be drawn to purchase some more. The emptiness of the notebook gives way to my imagination on what they could contain,what words of wisdom I could write in their spaciness.  I date and write everyday in a notebook and keep them after they are full then file them.

I'm so happy shopping for fabrics, paints and notebooks, they are a just a few of my favorite things and I guess could be called great finds.
Monday, September 19, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

The Story Of The Wooden Boxes

Hi Folks,
Since I sold my business, I needed a new outlet for my creative urges. I've always been drawn to thrift stores, garage sales, etc... looking for that item that has seen its day and wants to be reborn into something new. My brain seems to gravitate towards that type of creating. I can't help myself. I see something that is, and then I think about what it could be. Thus, the story of the wooden boxes.

After having a business that sold specifically through the internet, I decided that I wanted a change of pace and get the opportunity to do displays (I love displaying merchandise), and get to meet customers in person. Not wanting to commit to selling every day, the outdoor shows seemed to be the best fit. So, I needed a display... something that would really showcase my wares and draw customers into my booth. I decided on wooden boxes as my display pieces. I could gussy them up a bit to look really cool. I did a fast check on craigslist to see if I could score some (some being what, 4 or 5?) and don't you just know it, a guy was selling these pine boxes originally used for shipping ammo. Yeah. Ammo. They were the perfect size, had a top for each box and the guy had over 40 of them at $5 each.  The wheels start turning.
Pictured here is 7 of the 20

Here's were my idea of needing display pieces vacates my brain and that creative part I told you about starts to take over. I wanted all of them, yeah, 40 boxes, but lucky for me (and my wallet), they only had 20 at their home. So I was off to get 20 pine ammo boxes. It was a 40 minute drive to pick them up. Get there, pack them up in the jeep, and then I'm starting to have some thoughts, the "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE DOING?" kind of thoughts.

So I'm already in this mode of thinking when my overly active imagination gets started, and it's not pretty when that happens and I start wondering as I'm driving with the very strong smell of raw pine permeating my nostrils, if it could be possible that there are bugs in the boxes. Like those not so nice bugs. Anxiety and panic start to take hold of me and now I'm speeding down the highway, 40 minutes from home and I keep looking over my shoulder praying that there are no bugs, please no bugs. Bad enough worrying about the bugs when I start to indulged in a personal attack by shaking my head and saying out loud "What the hell were you thinking?" Look over my shoulder, then attack, over shoulder, attack. You get the picture, right?

Here's the removable top
Could it be that I'm a bit overly dramatic? Nahhh. It turned out okay. There were no bugs and I think my ideas for the boxes will be pretty great.

I'll have to sand down all the rough edges and then the tops will end up being wall hangings with some funky image in the middle. I'll want to do a chippy/shabby paint technique on both the boxes and the tops. Being I have 20 of them, I'll do them up a bit differently and using colors like off white with some brown, brown and white and black with reds.  Images to adhere to the tops might be some French inspired, or Victorian... I haven't decided yet.

As I get them done I'll do an update of my progress and you'll have to let me know what you think. Oh yeah... should I go back and get the 20 more? They are waiting to hear from me.

After all is said and done I do consider this a great find!  I'm still on the look out for display pieces.