Friday, September 23, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

A few of my favorite things that stir my creativity.

Assorted fabrics

Fabric, I can spend hours in a fabric store, thinking, dreaming, planning on what they could be, because they could be anything they want to be. Like a shirt, a quilt, a dress, a tablecloth, window treatments, duvet cover, etc. It's fun and the fabric stirs my creativity and I love that.

Paints I'm using at the moment
Paint, I love to paint especially with a brush, I'm not a spray paint type of person. I love the rhythm of painting with a brush, it's calming and relaxing. I love colors and the ability of using two to three different colors  and making something that's new look old, love that.

Notebooks filled with my writing
Notebooks, I can have dozen of blank notebooks and still be drawn to purchase some more. The emptiness of the notebook gives way to my imagination on what they could contain,what words of wisdom I could write in their spaciness.  I date and write everyday in a notebook and keep them after they are full then file them.

I'm so happy shopping for fabrics, paints and notebooks, they are a just a few of my favorite things and I guess could be called great finds.


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