Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

On A Grey Day, A Great Find

It was the weekend and the day was just so northern grey, not typical for sunny Florida and my mood matched the weather. Had a thought to go to the local Goodwill because that always makes me happy. I get there and it's early grey afternoon and the parking lot is jammed with cars resulting in my having to circle around 3 times to find a space. All these people and just so much stuff to go around, I wondered if I would get a great deal?

I always go to the housewares department and this time was no different. So I stroll over to the dish section and sitting in plain site are these 2 dishes that are so beautiful and I know without picking them up to see the price that they were  going home with me. It was..... love at first site.  Flip them over and my mouth drops open when I see the ridiculous low price.  Into the cart they went.

That's the thing with Goodwill some of their items are priced way too high for people like me who want to resell, but not all of their items are that way.  I can always find a treasure at a great price at each and every visit even when it's jammed packed with people. Goodwill is my favorite thrift store.

So what do you think? Too pretty to be used as a dinner plate, don't you agree. I think it would look fantastic on a mantel or even a buffet table.  I supplied the plate easel that I purchased with a 40% off coupon at Joann's.

I left the store no longer noticing the greyness of the day, and my mood had totally done an about face all because of this great find.

I'll be selling these dishes at my first show.


Wendy @HerBallistic Garden said... & I have the notebook thing in common! They are all over my house...and lots in boxes! I actually refer to them frequently! Great stuff in your blog..I joined! should check out Flea Market Style #119, 2011, page 44...tons of mens' shirt ideas! If you can't find it, I'll e-mail it to you k?

My Great Finds by Linda said...

Wendy, A kindred spirit, I can tell. I love notebooks it's the craziest thing and I thought I was the only one. I would buy them for my adult children at Christmas and they would just look at me a bit weird. lol

I think I have that flea market magazine and it might be the one that inspired me to do that. I should be posting the pillows I made out of the shirts, tonight but we'll see.

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