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Dinner Platter Turned Decor Accessory!

There are so many things that I love, like paint, notebooks, fabric and I wrote about those things here. But to tell you the truth I love so many things it would be hard to list them all so as I come up with new items that I declare my passion for just understand I have many loves .

So now that you know all that I can safely say to you that I love dishes, loads of dishes and if given the space I'd have tons of them. Which is silly cause it's just me and the dog and how many dishes can one person use.

Don't know what it is about those dishes that I love,  just know that I do.

So one day not too long ago I was thumbing thru my Somerset Home magazines and came across an article about "Decorative Vintage Dinnerware" by Sandy Faccini Berry. (Somerset Home volume 2 page 44)  She called this Altered Dinnerware and they are stunning!.   Here's her blog.  I was in love (again) and now I could start collecting some nice vintage dinnerware and make it altered.

So that idea was sitting on the back burner waiting patiently for the perfect timing when I read a DIY on the Graphic Fairy blog about some platters gone altered. Again I was inspired. The ones on the Graphic Fairy were done by the the sisters at Nice and Easy Antiques. You can see the tutorial from them here.

Okay so here's the platter I started with. There are some chips but I thought it would add to the look of vintage I was going for.

I had picked out some scrapbooking paper that went really well with the dish and decided it would be my background piece.

So to get a shape that would look good inside on the platter I turned the dish upside down and used the lip as my guide. The lip is the piece that the dish sits on and is shaped around the flat part of the platter. You'll know what I mean when you turn your dish over.

So my first piece of paper was cut out and now it needed to be enhanced.  

I wanted the dish to say something and designed it for a dining room/ kitchen so my words had to be about food, and I wanted to say it in French.  Born Bon Appetite. Not original but it would do. I found the perfect free font for it on Dafont.

I knew that the image of the fork, knife and spoon over at the Graphic Fairy would be part of the collage along with 3 other images. This collage was done digitally on photoshop elements. Images came from the Graphic Fairy and Playing with Brushes. Below is the digital collage I did.

So now that the above image was done I had to free hand cut it so that a border of the first paper (scrapbook paper) would show all around the edges.
From the tutorial from the two sisters I knew my first piece of paper would be glued with spray glue. The second piece I did with mod podge.  I am happy with it and it will be going with me this weekend to my first show.

I added a platter easel and it's done. Hope you like it.


Wendy @HerBallistic Garden said...

It looks fabulous! And, now I have more "stuff" to look at from your links! Yay!

My Great Finds by Linda said...

Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you enjoy the links.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Really cute, love the wonderful graphic! I'd love for you to grab my VIF button! thanks so much for linking up!

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