Thursday, November 17, 2011 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

What To Do With All This Stuff!

I love thrift store shopping and when I shop, I buy. So, I do a lot of shopping, a lot of buying and a lot of bringing home stuff. But there is just so much stuff I could personally use

So the idea was born, BUY, FIX, SELL, MAKE PROFIT.  (not an original idea of mine)

Last year I had a booth at an antique mall called Knot On Main Street, but because of some conflicts with my other business I shut it down.  Then in June there was a major fire there and the whole mall closed down until repairs could be done.  This past Tuesday they opened half of their 10,000 square foot space and I rented a small portion of that.  

Here's Bob the owner of Knot On Main Street
Out front of the store

Here's my space already painted but bare
My only job to get it ready for customers was to paint the walls an olive branch green and put up some green shutters I already had for architectural interest.  Oh yeah and bring in merchandise of course.

So here are some shots of my booth finished and waiting for shoppers.

Here's a shot of that wreath I made from the men's shirt collars and also a fabric covered magnetic board that I'll be doing a post on soon. 

Those pillows were such a great find, the quality of craftsmanship is really evident. I got those at a church run thrift store and that thrift store is one of my favorites. I can spend hours there.

A wall of pictures and also my wreath chair.

Here you get to see those napkin pillows, my bon appetit dish and more pictures. Also my ammo box tops turned farmhouse chic chalkboards.

More pictures, more magnetic fabric covered bulletin boards.

Last but not least my men's shirt pillows.

So everything is priced, displayed and waiting for customers, cause as soon as some of this stuff is sold you know where you'll find me.


Melanie said...

I love your items and your display is very nice. I would like to do something like this here in Nevada. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Good luck with your selling! :)


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