Sunday, January 22, 2012 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Flea Market Fun!

So I love shopping for what I call my finds. It could be at a thrift store, garage sale, auction or flea market and today I did the flea market scene.

Being new to the Clermont Florida area I'm not to familiar with the stomping grounds of great finds. Last week as I was traveling along SR 50 heading towards Orlando to attend an auction I noticed out of the corner of my eye a flea market. Not a small run of the mill type of market but the kind that could be classified as a swap meet. You know,  the kind that gets your heart pumping, palms sweating and fills you with anxiety to hurry up and get there. But I was already committed to the auction so I had to wait until TODAY!  

So I went and was I disappointed?    NOPE

I spent maybe 30 minutes in the market when I got the following from only 2 vendors.

Please excuse my picture the sun was pretty strong.

So the money spent was $80. and I got:
  1. A large oil painting (it's in the back) 
  2. A large picture (next to the oil painting)
  3. A shadow box table (it's got glass on top that lifts so you can showcase stuff) 
  4. A wooden carrying box
  5. 6  picture frames 
  6. 3 lime stained terra cotta pots. 
  7. Small picture (its sitting in the wooden box)
  8. Old wooden cabinet with glass door 
Tomorrow I travel to Dunedin to my booth to drop off some merchandise to sell.  Most of this stuff won't make the trip. Each thing I got today needs just a touch of tweaking but it will go in about 2 weeks when I make my next trip.

I also will be heading back to this flea market next Saturday and meet up with these vendors again to see what they got.  


Pam said...

The table and the cabinet look interesting...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Linda, I have heard about it, but just have never went, now I can't figure out why I have not been there, I will give it a try, thanks!


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