Sunday, January 8, 2012 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Found Camera Leads To Show and Tell!

Camera found! So I was wondering what photos I should take to show the world?  My new Subway Art? No not yet, My Dictionary Stryfoam Balls, no not yet, My Afghan Turned Pillows, no they aren't finished. Okay I'll show you my new guest bedroom, sewing room and all around craft room.

You might need to be sitting to take in all of this mess.  

The desk area

One side of the room overloaded with stuff
So the plan was to fit all of the stuff you see plus other stuff into a closet that I had my carpenter fix with shelves.  At the time of these above pictures it looked like this
Looks pretty full, right?
So in the middle of the closet the desk that you see in the above picture will go. The closet is already just about full and I still have to deal with all that other stuff.  The dresser you might of noticed is also full of fabric.

So as life would have it I was watching last night a show on OWN called "Extreme Clutter" and the lesson was "you don't need all of that stuff."   Okay Peter Walsh,  I hear yay.

I realized I have so many books that SOMEDAY I'll use in collage, they can be sorted and then some discarded.

In one of these file type boxes I've given a small crock pot that's used for melting bees wax, it's own little space.  You should know that I did a collage (one) about 4 years ago that I used the melted wax and never did it again. I think it's safe to let it go.

Ribbons, upon ribbons. My thought was you just never know when one of the hundred ribbons I have will come in handy. It will hurt to do it but some of them have to go.

There is quite a bit more stuff that I think I can safely let go of  which will make the closet the perfect fit for all of my stuff.  

What will not get the heave-ho is my fabric, not a yard, not a scrap, it all stays.  Really no amount of guilt, or shoulds, or don't you think could get me to part with any of it.   They all get to stay in their new home the 5 draw bureau and not complaining that they are a bit squeezed for space.

Okay, I'm off to get started and will pop my head up to say Hi in a few days.


Teri423 said...

You and that Camera! LOL!

My Great Finds by Linda said...

I feel lost without my camera and can't really post on the blog without pictures. A picture speaks a thousands words and that cuts down on my writing! lol

Laurel Leaf Cottage said...

I'm so proud of you for posting your messy room!! It's so....real! I just found your blog through the..What I like about your blog project, although I was not the one to critique your blog!! I have a super messy supposed to be craft room that never quite made it, so you have inspired me to fix it up! I'll be following you now! Have a great day! Deanna

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

That's so funny! When you posted this the other day, I thought to myself how this would be perfect for WTF Wednesdays! That's for linking up! ;) Your buddy~ Shabby LOCO!

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