Monday, February 6, 2012 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Making Gift / Pricing Tags Look Vintage

Yesterday I showed you how I made my white card stock look vintage.  My goal was to create tags for my items in my booth at Knot On Main Street. This is me paying attention to details.

So first I had to iron the sheets of coffee stained card stock so they would not jam up my printer. To be truthful I tried to skip this step with the result of my printer getting jammed. So out came the iron and a fast once over on each sheet corrected the problem.

QUICK TIP; those sheets I didn't print on but did iron are now stored under a very heavy book to keep them flat so they will be ready to use when I'm ready.

Next I created the images. I used Photoshop Elements to create my tags.

I first started looking at Karen's wonderful vintage images at the Graphics Fairy  and I found this wonderful frame called Fanciful Frame that I just love. With the magic wand tool in Photoshop I removed all the white in this image so I could layer the images of the ladies under it.
Fanciful Frame From Graphics Fairy
Next I picked out some images from my Dover Publications CD of Victorian Women's Fashion Photos .
I used the following three ladies to create 3 similar but different tags.

Such a sad pretty face don't you think?
She's my favorite, with the tilt of her hat
Lots of drama on her face, right?
I then re-sized the ladies images so they would fit nice and snug in the frame. I also set the opacity on the ladies images to 75%. (this actually lightened up the colors so they looked a bit more faded).

I added my booth number on each and also included my blog address. Here's how they looked in Photoshop. 

Next using Word I created a table and inserted the tag images into each box. Then printed on my coffee stained vintage looking paper. Below is how they came out.

My photo skills need sharpening. They look great in person.
The space between the booth number and the web address will be used for me to write a description and price with a fine point black sharpie.

I'm joining these parties 
Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy 
Nifty Thrifty  Tuesday at Coastal Charm


~ Tami said...

What a unique idea. Love it.

Herballistic Garden said...

These are awesome Linda! Beautiful job! I'll go over and "like" them on GF Brag Monday! xo wendy

Aimee said...

Gorgeous! The same framed images would be great for greeting cards too. (P.S. I iron paper all the time.)

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