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Pillows Made From An Afghan!

I had this afghan sitting in my booth for quite a long time. I like to turn over merchandise in no less than 90 days and if something doesn't sell I either;
  1. mark it down
  2. do something else to it
  3. just bring it home to live with me. 

This afghan won choice number 2

I've seen some wonderful sweater pillows on  Pinterest and blogs and the picture below is just one of many.  The blog Brassy Apple has a simple tutorial on how she made them. You can find that HERE.


So this Pinterest picture was my inspiration to the idea to create some simple pillows with my afghan.

There were some difference in the knit I used, mine was a very loose weave and because of this I decided the pillows needed a liner. I had some Ikea curtains from my other home that didn't make the grade in my new home but was perfect for the lining material. I cut my curtain/liner fabric the size of my pillows which was 12" x 16".   I like a plump pillow and for that reason always use the measurement of my pillow for my fabric pieces.

The afghan with it's loose weave has a lot of give which caused a problem trying to cut the exact size of the pillow . To solve this problem I just cut a piece of the afghan  larger than my lining and then pinned the liner to the cut piece from the afghan. Then following the outer edge line of the liner I zig zag stitched the liner to the afghan. Once that was done I cut off the excess afghan material.  I repeated again for the other side of the pillow.

Then I just placed the two pieces together right sides facing each other and sew them together leaving a bit of space open at the bottom to insert pillow.  After pillow was inserted I then just slip stitched the opening closed.

As you can tell from the picture I varied how the cable lines appeared on the pillows to give each one it's own distinct look.

From the one afghan I got 5 pillows with lots of scrap for something else (?)

These pillows will be sold in my booth at Knot On Main Street for $15. each.

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Ann said...

Your repurposing looks wonderful. I've seen the examples of pillows, drink cozies, candle covers, etc., from sweaters and afghans on Pinterest, too, and often wondered how hard the knit would be to work with. Your description of that is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

Smart thinking to cut the afghan the way you did!!! Great upcycle... 5 pillows from one item.

Tammi Evette said...

Hi cute pillows! I am your newest follower on both LF and GF. I hope if you have the time you will come visit me at Eleventh House!

Bronwyn said...

This is a great re-use! I am sure you will sell these right away!

Terry said...

They are so pretty! What a great idea!


cathy@my1929charmer said...

Love you afghan pillows, so pretty, Really like the addition of the flowers and the angling of the afghan. So very nice, and a great idea. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay! Now following you on Linky and hope you'll follow back!

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