Friday, August 29, 2014 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

What You Can Find At The Thrift Store

I'm always up for a thrift store run and yesterday I did just that with two of my favorite thrifts right here in Clermont, Fl.

It's always about the hunt and sometimes you hit it big and sometimes it's a bust, yesterday was a good shopping trip.

The first shop I went to is a bit of sloppy type of thrift store but it's here that I get the best bargains.  I found this vintage silver serving tray sitting out just waiting to be bought. It's a very heavy piece and it's stamped on it  FB Rogers Silver Company  My research on Ebay showed me that I'll make a nice profit from this piece.  You can see my listing on Ebay here.

I love to look at the linen section of thrift stores. I might find curtains, or throws, or tablecloths or napkins and think wouldn't this make a nice........  pillow or fabric bag.  My eyes usually just skim the racks to see if anything catches my eye and that's all I do. Yesterday my eyes found these great lookers staring back at me. Two of them resembled bark cloth of days gone by and were made into valances and there was enough fabric in them to make some pretty pillows. All they need is some deconstruction, a good wash, then some thinking on what they should look like.

 I also found about a yard of the black and white toile fabric for a great price and I knew right away that the black and white fabric will become the ruffle on a burlap pillow. 

Thrift store shopping accomplishes two things for me. One I get to find something that I can list on Etsy or Ebay and make money on that item. The second thing is I find things that get my design juices going that brings new life to something I find there. My pocketbook is thankful and my creative urges are so appreciative.


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