Monday, September 8, 2014 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Getting A Cleared Head!

You might think from my title that I'm about to talk to you about sinuses and all their troubles but nope not in this post. What I need to tell you is that I'm a bit of a pack rat and my head is just so jumbled up with all the stuff I have.

The stuff I'm talking about is the things I buy at garage sales or thrift stores or even dumpster diving stuff that is just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them. Some of these items have taken up space in my garage and my head for years and years. I'll look at them and promise " I'll be back"

First off let me tell you how I got here. My whole life I've loved that I was a woman who could make decisions quickly. I would be surprised at others who had to think about it, ponder and think again. Not me I just say Yay or Nay and pull the trigger.

Then my son came into business with me (that was my last business) and accused me of being impulsive. "No I'm not impulsive I can make decision quickly" no it's impulsive he said again. Now that was about 5 years ago and since then he's been able to remind me that I'm impulsive on many more occasions.

Fast forward to today and I'm thinking maybe he's right, most of the stuff in the garage I decided to purchase in a nano second and didn't think it through. 

So back to the clear head. In the photo of my garage you get to see some impulsive buying at it's best. It's just one side of the garage but I promise you the other side is just as bad.

My merchandise has found it's way on ebay and Etsy and customers are not as enamored as I was with the stuff. No sales, stuff still in garage.

My head was so bogged down thinking of having to sell it, fix it, enhance it, etc. Thinking of all that kept me from doing other stuff that was calling to me. 

For every problem there is the perfect solution and that solution in this case was to get rid of the stuff, end of story. I packed up the car and gave it to Goodwill. My reasoning mind at first wasn't too happy thinking of money spent and money not earned but really who was I kidding.

So off to Goodwill I went and I have to tell you this was so cathartic. I felt light and free. Now don't misunderstand I still have stuff, lots of stuff but the items that were just collecting dust have found there way to Goodwill and I'm sure they will find a new home and be appreciated.


Donna Wilkes said...

I have been doing the same thing. Every day I packed a box with once-upon-a-time treasures and send them off to good homes. Sometimes I look at an item and wonder what I was thinking. Plus I tend to buy in multiples. Not a good thing!

My Great Finds by Linda said...

Yes Donna I also buy in multiples. My son could tell you the story of the 500 pieces of jewelry I bought on Ebay "but son it was so cheap"

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I hear ya!! You should see my garage!

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