Monday, September 1, 2014 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

How To Make A Burlap Pillow!!

It all started with a visit to a thrift store where I found this black and white toile fabric shown in the photo with some linen fabric. 

My idea after seeing this fabric was to make a burlap pillow with the toile as a ruffle all around. Thought it should be real easy and I got started.

I've just noticed the pink haze on the photos and as the pillows are done there's no chance for a photo redo.

I cut out my pattern pieces from the burlap and thought because of the open weave of the burlap would line the pillow with muslin. I sandwiched the lining (muslin) and the burlap together and stitched up the pillow. Then did an overcast zig zag to stop the fraying of the burlap.

As you can see from the picture the inside looked pretty good. Don't be deceived,  once I turned that pillow right side out I saw the problems.

I was so careful with the edges after I cut the burlap but it didn't matter, all you have to do is just look at burlap and it starts to fray, and fray it did, just look at that corner. This pillow is going in the pile for Linda not for my store.

 So I did a search on how to make a burlap pillow without having to deal with frayed edges.  I came across a web site called Starshine Designs  which had such a logical solution to the problem of fraying edges.
"because burlap wants to come apart, it’s sometimes best not to cut out your pattern piece, but to trace it onto a rectangle of burlap, and sew your seam before you cut."

And that's what I did.  I traced my pattern on the muslin fabric because Karen from Starshine Designs says it's so much easier that way and who am I to argue with that logic.

Then  I stitched along the cut line and then stitch along the seam line and then zig zag in between as shown  leaving a small space unsewn so I could turn it right side out.

I then cut the fabric right up against the zig zag line with no fear of any frayed edges.

Now the fabric was ready to be turned inside out, finish off the unsewn edge then gave it a good pressing.

Now the fabric was ready to be made into a pillow. I treated the two sewn pieces of fabric as if it was just one unlined fabric and proceeded to pin the pillow together right sides facing each other and then sewed it up. I was so happy with the results, the outside had no frayed edges showing and the inside looked almost as good as the outside.

My pattern for this pillow was the one piece of material made into the envelope pillow. Not sure yet how I would do it if I use the 3 piece of fabric for the envelope style pillow but I'm thinking of trying that one day.  


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