Wednesday, October 1, 2014 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Being Creative Or Just Producing?

I've mentioned before that I had a soap making business. I would buy clear glycerin soap already made and recreate an artistic loaf of soap.  I loved coming up with new designs and one of my crowning glories (by my own estimation ) was a bacon fragranced soap.

At the time I sold lots of soap to the social media group Reddit and they were in love with bacon just like the rest of the nation and I was able to get a fragrance that smelled just like cooked bacon.

After acquiring the fragrance I went into design mode and came up with a pretty cool looking bacon soap. The day  I created that soap I was so proud of the job I did. Well this soap became popular  I sold a bit of it but the joy of creating it again and again become one of the demises of the business. It became so that I  hated making this soap, any soap,  hated the smell and the different steps I had to do to get it to look like this.

Fast forward to today and I'm making mostly pillow covers and again I'm getting caught up in just producing and not creating. Did I not learn my lesson with that bacon soap?

So now I'm of the opinion that just to keep me happy and that's important because I live with me and when me isn't happy it ain't pretty, I'm going to do one of a kind pillows. How fun will that be? I like it!!

I started doing my first one yesterday and it's still not done, and it's not perfect and I'm pulling my hair out but I'm happy.

As you do your craft you learn more and more about your medium like I did with the soap and I realize my mistakes with this pillow are just learning lessons on what to do and not do for one of kind covers.

Here's a picture of my first one of kind pillows.

My inspiration came from a sheer pink polka dot fabric that I acquired at a thrift store. I dyed the linen fabric to match the brown of the polka dots and added some vintage trim. My one of a kind pillows are a work in progress and I'll keep you guys informed on how I'm doing.

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Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Amazing how one little thing can inspire something new. Great job and great colors too. Thanks so much for sharing at VIP.

Tanya Anurag said...

Bacon soap! Haven't heard about it before. You are definitely very creative to come up with it.

I am a co-host for Wake-Up Wednesday Linky Party and would like to thank you for partying with us.


My thrift store addiction said...

I have some family members that would LOVE bacon soap! I enjoyed your thoughts on creativity vs producing. Have a great week! Cecilia

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Loved this story about the bacon soap! Interesting thoughts on creating and productivity--- your pillow turned out cute. I bet you do well with it.
Thanks for coming by my blog
I'm going to be reading here more often !
Nice to meet you.

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