Friday, November 14, 2014 | By: My Great Finds by Linda

Getting Ready To Sell My Home!

My home
I've just recently put my home up for sale because I found one I like better.

Why is it that buying a home is so much easier than selling your home? I've been through quite a bit of buying and selling of homes and for me it's exhausting when it's time to sell.

This time around I decided that to help make the process go quicker (getting the home sold) I would think like the buyer. Quicker transaction means Petey and I stay sane. Selling my home has been a bit difficult on Petey.

My Petey

So I followed a few guidelines to get my home ready for potential buyers.

My first area of concentration, a sparkling clean home. It's really hard to sell a dirty cluttered house and even if someone is interested in it the offered price will reflect the look of the home. 

I have shiny dark chocolate laminate floors that need to be mopped every day to keep them looking great so I mop floors all the time. Added bonus the cleaning solution I use smells great. 

I spray Fabreze all over the furniture and rugs, etc, cause when you have a dog, it smells like dog, though like most dog owners I don't smell it.

I turn on all the lights before they arrive and open all the blinds. My home is on the dark side but once the lights and blinds are open and on, it looks pretty good.

My bathroom is spotless with no evidence of my toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant or other personal items. I luckily have a closet in my bathroom so I hide the stuff in there.

I keep my kitchen counters shiny and clutter free.

So far my plan is working. I'm getting lots of showings with positive feedback and I'm hopeful an offer will come soon.

Buying a home is an emotional experience and based on feelings a buyer will determine if they want to buy your home.

It's ready for a showing

It takes work but will be so worth it if the home sells quickly and I get my price,


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