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How To Home Stage Your Home For Selling First The Guest Bathroom

Off and on these past few years I've bought and sold houses. Most of them were done for flipping but I also have moved myself in the last few years 3 times and I'll be doing it again.

I live in a wonderful over 55 community but just don't like the house I'm in. I originally bought this house to flip and when after a reasonable time it didn't sell I just decided to take my profits from the house I was living in and move into this one. That was almost 2 years ago.

So I've found a house I like and am in contract but now I have the big job of getting this home ready for sale.

Home staging is the most important thing you can do to get your home sold and to get top dollar.

So I've started first with the guest bathroom.  The vanity and top is all new and also the floor but everything else is orignal but in excellent condition. You would think that I wouldn't have to do anything but your wrong.

Here's a picture of that guest bathroom when the house was original up for sale 2 years ago and can you see what is a bit disturbing to your eye. Actually there are three things that need attention.

 This photo was taken by a realtor that should of known not to take a photo with the toilet seat up. So that is an easy fix and one that won't happen again with my new realtor.

No paper in the toilet holder, yes I know it's silly but I think it draws your attention to what is lacking in the room instead of the nice looking stuff. So make sure you have toilet paper on the holder.

Last but not least look at the blinds. The contractor put the blinds up but didn't shorten them to the correct length and all you see is this bunched up blinds on the bottom of the window.

So I did what was needed plus some other stuff like painting the scuffed up woodwork which is not shown.

Here's how the bathroom looks now.

You know photos tell a lot about a room and these photos are telling me it still looks a bit bland. 

Before I decided to move I thought I'd make a nice white ruffle curtain for that window and I think that might be just the right amount of drama this room needs. I don't have much time to get it done as Thursday the 6th my agent will be here to take photos.

What do you think?

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