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Psychology Of Home Staging Why You Need To Do It!

Way back in the 80's I tried my hand at real estate. I hated it and the reason why is probably another whole blog post but what I did learn from that experience when a home isn't selling it's always about the price.

For this blog post lets assume when I'm giving examples of pricing that it's like house to like house. Same neighborhood same square footage, same bedrooms, same bathrooms, etc.

Now you live in a $200,000 home price area and decide to price your home at $300,000 and it isn't selling, well it's the price. I know this is a very silly example but I wanted to start with the obvious to then show the not so obvious.

Now the same $200,000 area you list your home for sale at the market rate but again it's not selling and you scratch your head in bewilderment because you don't understand why. Here's where the psychology of home staging comes in. You have to learn to look at your home in the way a potential buyer sees it. Grandma's doilies are so pretty but the buyer hates them and can't see the forest for the trees or the house because of the doilies.

You know way back in the 70's when my first husband and I looked for a house we knew that there would need for work to be done in the house we chose. Paint, decorating, possible a new kitchen and so with that in mind we were open to the potential of the property. Today's buyer isn't, sorry, they don't have the vision nor the time for it so you the seller have to do it for them.

Selling a home is so stressful and add to the mix your own daily stresses it becomes even more difficult selling your home. But I want you to think about this in the way of a second job that will earn you money.  Houses staged sell for more than ones that aren't.

Staging is a really easy way to earn extra money and it's not hard to do and for a small investment or even no money at all  you can get the price for your home that's it's really worth.

Another word for staging would be "neutralizing".

First step in getting ready to sell your home is give it a really good cleaning. If the job is too big for you alone call on friends and family to come help you get it done.

As your getting this done I'll be writing my next post about the finer details of staging and my hope is that it will help you get your home sold quickly and for the correct price.

My home is up for sale right now and before I listed it I cleaned for 3 days straight.

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